About Us

As a subsidiary of Associated Pump Engineers UK Ltd, Muchina Engineering are suppliers of Mechanical Seals, Pumps, Gland Packing and Gaskets. Muchina Engineering are the sole Distributors of Gusher pumps in South Africa, and as from 2010 we are now the sole distributors for Beresford pumps throughout Africa.




In 2008 Muchina Engineering, in conjunction with Associated Pump Engineers UK, invested one million dollars changing from Traditional Sand Castings to Investment Castings for our Impellers and Casings.
The vision of our Company represents us with an incredible foundation, an underpinning which gives us confidence, strength and insight as we continue to be a leader in the growing premium pump and seals industry.

Muchina Engineering has an innovative, cutting edge product already being hailed as the best in its class. With experienced engineers, business people and sales specialists, we have the expertise to meet shifting market demands.
In every aspect of our business, we are now able to respond even faster than ever before to changing client needs.
This is true not only for our consulting expertise, orders processing and delivery levels, but also for after sales service,
including maintenance, repairs and spare parts supply.